Health Story is a podcast about our differences and where they come from. In each episode, two people who disagree about a health issue look for common ground. 

A note: Each person’s views don’t necessarily reflect those of their organization.

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As a young man, Dr. Harold Fain, now a physician with JPS Health Network, advocated for a woman’s right to choose. After taking part in an abortion on the job, however, he couldn’t shake the image of the baby who died in the process. 

The Rev. Barbara Dunlap, an ordained clergy in the United Methodist Church, grew up in a community that welcomed discussion on hard topics. Through her ministry and her own pregnancies, including a miscarriage, she came to see reproductive health as a deeply personal choice. 

In this episode, Fain and Dunlap discuss their differences when it comes to abortion — and whether a Colorado approach to women’s health could work in Tarrant County.

Their conversation was edited for length and clarity.

This episode was edited and produced by Alexis Allison. Health Story is funded by the Solutions Journalism Network through its inaugural “Complicating the Narratives” Fellowship.


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