Keller Independent School District -Bette Perot Elementary

3rd Grade

Occasionally in life, we have the opportunity to meet someone so perfect in their role that we cannot imagine them doing anything else for a career. Our someone is a precious 3rd-grade teacher named Marti Barnett. Mrs.Barnett teaches at Bette Perot Elementary and has for over 20 years. Mrs. Barnett has positively impacted the lives of thousands of children and families. She teaches character and leadership by being a role model daily.

Mrs. Barnett loves the game of golf and the color green which pair perfectly! She attended college on a full golf scholarship and shares her experience of what hard work and tenacity can accomplish.

She assigns a role to every child in her classroom, something that all are excited to receive (i.e. news reporter, bell ringer, meeting manager, light-off energy saver manager). She never misses a chance to affirm the importance of the role and the strength and contribution of the child doing it. Every child feels important, seen, heard and valued.

She has such strong emotional intelligence and knows exactly what a child (and family) needs to feel loved which contributes to every student’s success. Her wholehearted dedication and commitment to her students, families, and school, foster an environment of love and learning. She is thoughtful beyond words and spends hours and hours even before the first day of school preparing her golf-themed classroom to inspire students and create memories.

She builds special projects to memorialize the year in photos and journals for each child. At the end of the year she gives them a photo of her and the child to keep with a note of love expressing what makes the child special, no two notes are the same. Another lovely keepsake she creates for the kids is a book of life tips, with life lessons ranging from the importance of being polite, pushing your chair in, leaving a tip for people who clean your hotel room, and to be forgiving with those who hurt you.

She is intentional in expressing appreciation to everyone who supports the school and is selfless to a fault. If you had the chance to be “Precious Putter” you know you were motivated by love to be your best 3rd-grade self. Mrs.Barnett was born to be a 3rd grade teacher with a heart full of love and an unselfish soul who consistently provides a wonderful experience to each and every child.

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