Fort Worth city council will consider approving three affordable housing projects and several construction contracts at its upcoming city council meeting.

The council will meet at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28, at City Hall, 200 Texas St.

Fort Worth City Council will vote on:

  • Three affordable housing projects in south and north Fort Worth 
  • Approve a contract with a waste management company to process the city’s recycling 
  • Authorize a contract for a project at the city’s Westside treatment plant 
  • Accept money from Tarrant County to pay for a portion of the city’s 2022 bond projects 

The city recently changed its rules for commenting at public meetings. Residents may sign up to speak through the posted agenda. Any public comment on a consent agenda item will be heard before the consent agenda is voted on. Any public comment on the non-consent agenda will be heard before the agenda item is voted on. Speakers will have a maximum of three minutes to comment on every item they signed up for.

What is the difference between the consent and non-consent agenda?:

The consent agenda includes agenda items that council votes on all at one time. The non-consent agenda includes items that council votes on individually, item by item.

Affordable housing 

The city will consider supporting three proposed affordable housing developments in southwest, south and north Fort Worth.

The first development will be located near Burleson and will rehabilitate Worthington Point Apartments, an existing 248-unit affordable housing development. The developers need a Resolution of No Objection from the city to receive the tax credit. City staff also recommend waiving about $30,000 in development fees for the project. 

The council will also vote to approve two resolutions of support for affordable housing projects. The projects will also receive a waiver for development fees. 

You can read more about affordable housing here: 

Environmental contract 

The council will also vote on an agreement with Waste Management for recycling services. The agreement will cost the city $4.5 million annually for 10 years. 

The city will also vote on executing a $19.8 million contract with Thalle Construction Company, Inc. for a  Water Transmission Main Project for the city’s Westside Treatment Plant. The project will have a total cost of about $21.12 million. 

You can read more about the city’s environmental projects here: 

Funding for the 2022 bond program

Tuesday’s meeting will also include a vote on funding for the city’s 2022 bond program project on arterials. The money will be used to fund six arterial projects:

  • Cromwell Marine Creek Road project 
  • Avondale Haslet Road project
  •  Bonds Ranch Road and Wagley Robertson Road project
  • WJ Boaz Road project
  • Everman Parkway project
  • Intermodal Parkway project 

The city will receive about $78.4 million from Tarrant County’s transportation bond to supplement the city’s bond projects. 

You can read more about city’s 2022 bond program here: 

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