IDEA Edgecliff Academy and College Preparatory, located in Fort Worth, is excited to host a free community event for families to celebrate Black History Month on Monday, February 27, with two unique events. Students, with the support of staff, will honor notable African American members in history as well as celebrate African culture and its influences.  

At the first event, beginning at 9 a.m., students from IDEA Edgecliff Academy (K-4) will participate in the program with unique performances, such as 4th graders portraying historical figures in a living wax museum-like concept. As families walk through the gymnasium, students will be “frozen” until someone approaches them to read the title of who they are portraying. Then students will break into character and recite their speech educating the attendees who they are and their significance in paving the way in America.  

Then at the second themed event, beginning at 2:30 p.m., students from IDEA Edgecliff College Prep (grades 6-8) will feature performances and speaking monologues while explaining the journey of the African Descent. The monologues will present the journey of each transitional part of the black culture, while the different styles of dance, such as; West African, Modern, and Contemporary/ Hip-hop movements, will illustrate the actions during the era. 

“Here at IDEA Edgecliff, one of our primary goals is to enhance our engagement in building scholars’ awareness about culture, having different perspectives, and multicultural awareness.” said Josua Poole, teacher and event program director for IDEA Edgecliff College Prep. “This is vital for our community to have a multicultural perspective of each other’s descent so that scholars can comprehend, relate, and respect all cultures. In connection with our Black History Program, we are promoting our core value of “we build team and family” and ensuring our scholars get more active in the performing arts to help build disciplinary characteristic skills.” 

Founded in 2020, IDEA Edgecliff currently serves grades K-9. Each year, the campus will grow in grade level until fully scaled K-12. IDEA’s mission is to prepare students from historically underserved communities for success in college and citizenship. For 16 consecutive years, nearly 100 percent of IDEA Public Schools graduates have been accepted into college, with many being the first in their family to go to college. 

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