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FORT WORTH, Texas – 2023 marks the 30th anniversary for Design Inspirations, a fundraiser supported jointly by volunteers from the Fort Worth Alumnae Associations of Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi. Gill Children’s Services, Inc. and Breakthrough Fort Worth have been chosen as this year’s charities. The 2023 event is chaired by Allie Turney and Molly Van Amburgh (Pi Beta Phi) and Leigh Brown and Katie Howard (Kappa Kappa Gamma).

“We are grateful for the vision our founding chairs had 30 years ago to start a fundraiser benefitting local nonprofits in our area,” said Paige Pate, president of the board, Design Inspirations. “Over the past 29 years the luncheon and preview party have become one of the most sought-after tickets in town and have raised more than $1.4 million. In addition to benefitting our two selected local nonprofits, it also gives local designers, florists and businesses a chance to showcase their talents with creative table designs.”

The event itself will feature 64 elegant tables, creatively designed by local designers, businesses, and individuals. Guests may view the tables at the Preview Party on Wednesday, March 1st, and at the luncheon on Thursday, March 2nd, both held at Ridglea Country Club. The luncheon is sold out, but Preview Party tickets are still available online at

This year’s keynote speaker will be interior designer Katie Ridder. Ridder’s work has been published in Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Elle Décor, Town & Country, House & Garden, and House Beautiful. Architectural Digest, Elle Décor and House Beautiful have featured her projects on their covers. She has also appeared on the “Top 100” list of designers for House Beautiful and Elle Décor. Her firm also produces a line of wallcoverings and textiles of her own designs.

Ridder’s first book, Rooms, was published by Vendome Press in 2011 and is in its third printing. A House in the Country—Ridder’s second book, co-authored with her husband, architect Peter Pennoyer-has graced three Amazon best-sellers lists. Katie released her third book, More Rooms, in September of 2020. Ridder’s design work extends to her involvement with many groups. She is currently a member of The Friends of Horticulture at Wave Hill and serves on the board of directors of the Garden Conservancy. Books will be sold at the event for Katie Ridder to sign, while supplies last.

“We are grateful for the proceeds from Design Inspirations to provide financial assistance to Tarrant County children with last resort needs. When a local child has been denied or wait-listed by other programs, they can come to Gill Children’s Services for help,” said Peyton Lehrer, executive director, Gill Children’s Services. “Design Inspirations has funded medication, dental treatment, summer school tuition, emergency childcare, and more to thousands of local children. The event has a huge impact on our small mission. The alumnae of Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi raise more money for our children than any other group. Our children are truly fortunate to be recipients of their kindness.”

“Breakthrough is so excited to partner with Design Inspirations for the first time this year. Focusing on literacy, Breakthrough and Design Inspirations are a perfect match. We are blown away by the positive endorsement this vote from the Fort Worth alumnae of Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi represents for the students we serve and our work to help them advance to their college goals,” said Joe Breedlove, executive director, Breakthrough Fort Worth.

About Design Inspirations:

2023 marks the 30th year for Design Inspirations, a fundraiser supported jointly by volunteers from the Fort Worth Alumnae Associations of Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi. Gill Children’s Services, Inc. and Breakthrough Fort Worth have been chosen as this year’s charities.

The event itself features over 60 elegantly designed tables, creatively designed by local designers and individuals. Seeing the tables and the amazing character of each one will inspire you to do more with your own beautiful things at home. Guests may view the tables at the Preview Party on Wednesday, March 1 or while enjoying a presentation from our guest speaker and lunch on Thursday, March 2. For more information, visit

Gill Children’s Services, Inc.

Gill Children’s Services is a funding source of last resort that provides a safety net for Tarrant County children whose physical, social, psychological, educational and medical needs have not been met by other community resources. Children may be excluded from existing programs due to limits on the type of diagnosis covered, service provided or family income eligibility. Many programs have six to eight week waiting periods. For these children, Gill is the last resort and only hope for medical equipment and supplies, as well as financial assistance for dental, orthodontic, therapeutic and other essential services. For more information, visit

Breakthrough Fort Worth

Breakthrough Fort Worth is part of a national Collaborative of 24 affiliates. Its program empowers underserved, first-gen youth on a six-year learning path to college (grades 7-12), giving them added support that spans academic and literacy enrichment, leadership development, and a college-culture environment that includes admission training and coaching. Setting Breakthrough apart is its proven and applauded students-teaching-students model that provides college/high school youth with one of the best hands-on, pre-professional teaching experiences in the country. Click here to learn more about Breakthrough.

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30th Anniversary Summary:

Over the past 29 years, Design Inspirations has gifted more than $1.4 million to local Fort Worth nonprofits.

Past beneficiaries of Design Inspirations:

·      The Child Study Center

·      Gill Children’s Services

·      Communities in Schools

·      KinderFrogs Preschool

·      Score a Goal in the Classroom

·      Cook Children’s Medical Center

·      The Warm Place

·      Fort Worth Library

·      Rivertree Academy

Past Design Inspirations Chairmen:

Kappa Kappa Gamma chairs listed first followed by Pi Beta Phi chairs.

1994: Ann Harwood/Kay Howell & Judy Schell/Carol Dunaway

1995: Marty Grable/Dana Porter & Elizabeth Ray/Allison Wagner

1996: Kim Darden/Patsy Thompson & Bonnie Epstein/Kelly Ann Ewin

1997: Susan Doyle/Lura Lee Sowa & Kaydee Bailey/Julie Kleberg

1998: Michelle Groff/Kay Otte & Margery Berry/Julie Closuit

1999: Rhonda Felton/Anne Green & Libby Manning/Estee Rinehart

2000: Karen Chilton/Patricia Ryan & Debbie McGee/Allison McDonald

2001: Krissy Hull/Jennifer Williamson & Cindy Barnard/Michelle Goodwin

2002: Lauri Lawrence/Melita Tyng & Kristine Kelly/Holly Lydick

2003: Dory McGinnis/Jackie Prowse & Michelle Marlow/Rebecca Hillard

2004: Kathryn Arnold/Trish Sheats & Cathy Anderson Sewell/Katy Oliver

2005: Stephanie Brentlinger/Kathryn Hyde & Lynn McBroom/Monique McConnell

2006: Jennifer Drez/Cari DuBose & Amy Chairez/Leigh Pauling

2007: Laura Gray/Elizabeth Thomas & Leigh Crates/Jennifer Truelson

2008: Ro McKee Rynd/Lauren Stroube & Amy Biggs/Lauren Anton

2009: Alyssa Lange/Paige Pate & Duffy Bloemendal/Heather Senter

2010: Whitney Firestone/Heather Magruder & Jennifer Fackel/Debbie Horton

2011: Laura High/Molly Kanthack & Chesleigh Lloyd/Wesley Snyder

2012: Kendall Kostohryz/Eloise Williams & Caroline Bailey/Marcia Knutson

2013: Lizzie Sell/Brooke Wright & Carrie Lange/Courtney Prescott

2014: Shelby Crawford/Meredith Haller & Jen Appleman/Regan Landreth

2015: Haley Manulik/Amy Patyk & Amy Adams/Angie Herdman

2016: Laura McCullough/Melissa Kulig & Kate Barbolla/Mary Marshall Smith

2017: Nicole Shelton/Ann Wright & Meredeth Belew/Elizabeth Hester

2018:  Mary Clay Gupton/Taylor Lacy & Teresa Brownlie/Laura Rattikin

2019:  Amber Robertson/Melissa Mehall & Jenna Loeffelholz/Rebecca Rucker

2020:  Katie Semple/Elizabeth Sparks & Caroline Samis/Vanessa Shropshire

2021/22: Melissa Huffman/Jessica McIntyre & Sharon Fulghum/Margaret Lane

2023: Leigh Brown/Katie Howard & Allie Turney/Molly Van Amburgh

Past Speakers:

1994 – Beverly Church

1995 – Charlotte Moss

1996 – Mark Hampton

1997 – Barbara Milo Ohrbach

1998 – John Loring (Tiffany’s)

1999 – Frances Schultz

2000 – Ryan Gainey

2001 – Carolyne Roehm

2002 – Patricia Wells

2003 – William Allman

2004 – Betty Lou Phillips

2005 – Preston Bailey

2006 – Paula Lambert

2007 – Vincent Wolf

2008 – Sylvia Weinstock

2009 – Virginia Willis

2010 – Laurie Firestone

2011 – Alexa Hampton

2012 – Kathryn Ireland

2013 – Steven Gambrel

2014 – Jan Flowers

2015 – Suzanne Kasler

2016 – Markham Roberts

2017 – Jane Scott Hodges

2018 – Marshall Watson

2019 – James T. Farmer

2020 – Bronson Van Wyck (canceled due to pandemic)

2021 – Canceled (Days of Giving held instead)

2022 – Melanie Turner

2023 – Katie Ridder

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