By Amy Solis

My name is Amairany Solis, but to my family and close friends, I’m simply Amy. I grew up on the east side of Fort Worth and I’m a proud alumnus of Polytechnic High School. I am married to my best friend and a mom to the most wonderful 7-year-old anyone could ask for. 

My husband and I recently purchased our first home and moved to Rosemont on the south side of Fort Worth. Rosemont is generally between Hemphill Street and McCart Avenue and north of Seminary Drive through Biddison Street.

On the day we came to visit our current house for the first time — all before knowing we actually would purchase it — I fell in love with the neighborhood and the people that made up the community. 

As we drove down the street, an elderly man who we didn’t know went out of his way to wave at us and he offered us a simple smile. I thought to myself that was nice, but also a little odd as we were after all nothing but strangers. But his kind gesture was something we sometimes take for granted and it definitely stuck with me. 

This made it simple for us to visualize ourselves growing our family in this community. 

As we walked a block from our house, we ran right into Rosemont Park, which was full of families having fun and the whole community interacting with each other. It didn’t take long to realize how close-knitted this community was. 

I couldn’t wait to get involved and contribute to this community. After enrolling my son in our neighborhood school, I knew it was my duty to get engaged. Currently, I am a Parent Shield Fort Worth powerful parent and I spend my days demanding quality education for all children, but especially the children in my neighborhood.

While poverty and crime are a few challenges that every community faces, the Southside is fighting and defending its neighborhood and people from gentrification in hopes of preserving its Hispanic roots and essence. 

We are a united community, with dreams and aspirations of a better future for our children. To me, this is what makes our part of the city beautiful and unique.

Amy Solis is a Fort Worth native who now works with Parent Shield. Solis is married and has a 7-year-old son.

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Total population: 3,420
Male: 53% | Female: 47%

0-9: 16%
10-19: 19%
20-29: 16%
30-39: 15%
40-49: 14%
50-59: 11%
60-69: 6%
70-79: 2%
80 and older: 1%

No degree: 39%
High school: 15%
Some college: 16%
Bachelor’s degree: 10%
Post-graduate: 21%

Hispanic: 70% | Asian: 13% | White: 12% | Black: 2% | Two or more: 2%

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