Editor's note: This podcast is produced by Innovate Fort Worth, a service of the UNT Health Science Center's Innovation Ecosystems. Cameron Cushman, assistant vice president of the Innovation Ecosystems, hosts the podcast. He also is member of the reader advisory council of the Fort Worth Report.


The future of electric, self-driving delivery vehicles has arrived. Meet Meelis Anton, the COO of Clevon. Clevon is the Estonian company bringing autonomous delivery vehicles to Fort Worth from their US headquarters at Alliance Texas. They aim to meet the delivery driver labor shortage by operating self-driving cars to deliver groceries and food in local neighborhoods, even in bad weather. The vehicles are fully electric, and while driverless, they can also be driven through teleoperation. This means a driver, located at the headquarters can see through cameras and control the vehicle using a remote steering wheel. Currently, they are focusing on the logistic and warehouse industries, but see applications in other areas.

To learn more about Clevon, visit: https://clevon.com

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