If you are a registered voter who has been receiving multiple voter certificates, you may be wondering why this is happening. The answer is simple: every time you update your voter registration information or submit a new voter registration application, the system generates a new certificate.

This means that if you have recently moved or updated your voter registration information, you may receive a new certificate reflecting those changes. Additionally, if your address has been redistricted you will receive a new certificate as well. It is important to note that registered voters will automatically receive a new certificate every two years if they have not moved from their registered address.

What is the purpose of the voter registration certificate?

  • A voter registration certificate allows the voter to verify they are registered to vote at the address listed on the certificate as well as the precincts listed on the certificate. That is the main purpose of the certificate.
  • If you do not possess one of the seven acceptable forms of photo identification and cannot reasonably obtain one, you can use your valid voter registration certificate as a form of supporting identification. Note: You still need another form of acceptable photo identification.
  • If your name does not appear on the official list of registered voters in the precinct, you may be able to cast a regular ballot.
  • While a voter registration certificate can be used as supporting identification, you do not need a certificate to vote.

Please note that having multiple certificates does not give you the ability to vote more than once.

Additionally, if you lose your voter registration certificate, you can contact your voter registrar’s office to obtain a replacement certificate.

To learn more, visit the City of Fort Worth Elections page.

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