Fort Worth, Texas—Novelist Judy Alter will bring her faux French chef, Irene Foxglove, to Fort Worth in the fourth book of her Irene in Chicago Culinary Mysteries, “‘Irene Deep in Texas Trouble.”
Irene and her French entourage come to our city to spend Christmas with the family of her protégé-turned-competitor, Henny James, who narrates this cozy tale of murder and mayhem.
Henny’s best friend, Charlie, is marrying the love of her life, rich and spoiled Rick Scott, and Henny is to cater the wedding supper two days before Christmas. To Henny’s dismay, Irene steps in as her sous chef. When there’s a sensational murder at the supper, Irene is the prime suspect.
Things are complicated by a wild set of characters and events—a mysterious stranger, threatening notes, a runaway couple and a kidnapping. From the Stockyards to Camp Bowie, Fort Worth landmarks are part of the action—and there’s lots of Texas food as Henny’s mother cooks it.
Alter, a native of Chicago who has lived in Fort Worth more than 50 years, says it was great fun to bring together the two cities that have dominated her life. This is the fourth book in the series. TCU Emeritus Professor Fred Erisman says “Irene Deep in Texas Trouble is the best Irene book yet.”
Available in trade paper and digital versions, it will be available on Amazon after April 22.
For more information:; 817-975-1387

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