Haslet Boat & RV Storage is looking forward to serving more RV enthusiasts in Fort Worth and surrounding communities by opening access to the facility’s Dump Station for an annual membership. All tenants and members also gain access to premier amenities like the wash area, air compressor, vacuum, potable water, and ice machine for no additional cost.

Using a dump station is the safe and efficient way to empty septic tanks in RVs and campers. Haslet Boat & RV Storage is proud to present residents in Fort Worth and surrounding communities with tools to care for their valuable assets, including a space to store their RV between trips.

After joining the Dump Station Membership, RV owners no longer need to search for a dump station before starting their next road trip. Plus, they won’t need to budget for each visit since ten uses per month are included in the annual membership fee of $1,000. This allows them to have more focus and funds toward enjoying their trip.

People interested in joining the Dump Station Membership or renting a unit can speak to the customer service team by calling (817) 929-6900. More information can be found on the website at www.hasletstorage.com.

For more information and to request an interview, please contact co-owner Katherine at (402) 570-5021 or email katherine@selfstorageninjas.com.

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