Fort Worth, Texas — North Texas has a story to tell, and Layla Caraway is here to share it with the world. “Talking North Texas with Layla Caraway” is a new podcast that celebrates the culture, people, and places that make this region of Texas so unique.

Hosted by Layla Caraway, a native Texan and resident of Tarrant County, “Talking North Texas” features interviews with local leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, and everyday North Texans who are making a difference in their communities. From the bustling streets of Fort Worth to the rolling hills of greater Tarrant County, each episode offers a fresh perspective on what makes North Texas such a special place to call home.

“North Texas is more than just a collection of cities and towns,” says Caraway. “It’s a vibrant, dynamic region with a rich history and a bright future. I’m excited to share the stories of the people who are shaping North Texas, and to explore the issues that matter most to our community.”

Listeners can expect a diverse range of topics on “Talking North Texas.” Some episodes may focus on local politics, while others will explore the region’s art and music scenes.

“Talking North Texas with Layla Caraway” is produced by The Wolf And The Shepherd Productions, a Fort Worth-based podcast production company. The show is available on all major podcast platforms, including YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

For more information, visit the podcast’s website at

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