Nighthawk Alliance is a veteran-owned security consulting and training company founded in Texas that provides services nationally. The company was started by veterans with experience in the private security field who saw a need for better security solutions after analyzing recent active threat events.

“We wanted to make a significant impact and help protect and save lives,” says one of the founders of Nighthawk Alliance. “We realized that we could use our expertise to provide customized solutions to clients based on their specific needs and circumstances.”

What sets Nighthawk Alliance apart from other security consulting and training companies is their real-world experience. The team members have worked in the private security industry, pulling on doors, de-escalating hostile situations, and helping clients. This experience, combined with their certifications, makes them uniquely qualified to provide effective security solutions to clients.

Nighthawk Alliance provides a wide range of services, including security risk assessments, policy reviews, program overhauls, and training for staff and security. The company believes that training is paramount not only for individuals but for the collective of the company. By working closely with clients, Nighthawk Alliance is able to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities and develop practical, cost-efficient solutions to mitigate them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented significant challenges for businesses, and the security industry is no exception. While security saw a boom during the pandemic, physical security awareness by the staff of clients dropped significantly as people worked from home, and cyber security became a bigger concern. Now that staff are returning to the office, physical security needs to be rebuilt and retrained. Nighthawk Alliance is committed to helping clients adapt to the new reality and providing them with the same level of service and expertise.

Nighthawk Alliance has worked on numerous successful projects and has received high praise from their clients. They have experience in the private security industry and have worked with multi-purpose arenas, houses of worship, warehouses, Fortune 500 companies, and the US Secret Service in the coordination of events with dignitaries.

“We want to make security something that is on everyone’s mind. Not paranoid but aware,” says one of the founders of Nighthawk Alliance. “Security isn’t just a security concern; it’s a concern of everyone. When everyone participates, it makes everyone safer.”

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