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To help voters make informed decisions at the ballot box, we asked every candidate to respond to a candidate questionnaire intended to touch on the most pressing issues candidates may face while serving in elected office. 

The candidate’s responses may be edited for grammar. 

The Mayor represents the entirety of Fort Worth. To find out what district you live in, input your address here

Municipal elections are coming up. Here are some key dates:

April 24: Early voting begins 
May 2: Early voting ends 
May 6: Election Day    

Candidate survey 

Adrian Devine Smith at the Fort Worth Report’s mayoral candidate forum held on Wednesday, March 29 at Texas A&M University School of Law. (Cristian Argueta Soto | Fort Worth Report)

Name: Adrian Devine Smith

Age: 43

Occupation: Veteran

What are your qualifications to serve on Fort Worth’s City Council?

My qualifications begin with my desire for service for the people of Fort Worth. I truly have a heart, and desire to see the betterment of all who call Fort Worth home.

What are your top two priorities if elected to City Council? Describe briefly how you would approach these priorities.

My top two priorities if elected:

1. Childhood literacy and education.

2. Spending priorities with a clear purpose. I would partner with any organization already working to improve childhood literacy, while encouraging more community involvement. There will be no council proposals voted on, without the reassurance and understanding for why we’re voting.

How would you characterize the performance of city management over the past five years?

With the Panther Island Project debacle, $50 million new city hall mismanagement, and redirecting of $8.5 million dollars from the Federal American Rescue Plan Act for renovations is bad performance.

What is the single biggest issue your particular district faces?

The biggest issue facing my district, is the lack of urgency for the plight of the people living within the Las Vegas Trail area. More families and individuals facing homelessness, poverty, high crime rates, and mental health decline for certain individuals just trying to survive.

How will you balance the concerns of your district vs. the city as a whole?

By understanding the importance of what’s necessary for both, while prioritizing initiatives that are too be implemented.

How can city leadership work to ensure all Fort Worth residents have equal access to city services regardless of race, ethnicity, gender and income?

Equal access begins with every decision being made at city hall, and all levels of governance within Fort Worth. We must address, and call out any policy that denies equal access to city services. As well as hold accountable those who violate said policies.

Fort Worth’s annual general budget is currently around $915 million; do you feel this budget is appropriate, too large, or too small? If too large or too small, briefly describe how you would propose amending the budget.

I would have to understand the budget in totality, and it’s overall dispersing for city services. On the outside looking in, it seems too large, however prioritizing ever dollar budgeted is important. There will be no more wasteful spending under my leadership, if elected Mayor.

In 2023 the city will levy a tax rate of $0.7125 per $100 of assessed evaluation. If you would advocate for decreasing/increasing the tax rate what would you cut/add?

I believe in a lowered tax rate that’s sustainable, that’s in agreement with necessary proposals by county commissioners. I wouldn’t consider making necessary cuts until I understand what areas of governance are not working effectively for us.

As Fort Worth grows, how can the city ensure it keeps up with the pace of development?

Development isn’t the problem regarding our current growing rate. Equitable development for all communities, especially those most disenfranchised, with environmental consideration is necessary.

In the last year, the city council has limited opportunities for public comment and changed meeting schedules. How would you approach community engagement as a council member?

The council is elected by the people, therefore it’s their duty to uphold the will of the people. The citizens right for speaking should never be hindered, or weakened by policy changes. Accountability comes with the position, and it never should be made personal. I will do what’s necessary to restore this right in it’s full capacity. As for council meeting start time, I feel the evening sessions should return it’s original start time.

What role does the City Council have in policing? Please describe how city council members should work to ensure the safety of their constituents.

The city council role in policing begins with not accepting campaign donations, from the police officers association. This creates a conflict of interests. The Fort Worth Police Officers Association has indirectly influenced policies, and disregarded accountability for bad policing. The city council should seek to establish the police and community advisory committee(voted 5 – 4 against), that was recommended by the people of Fort Worth. The city council must also demand law enforcement does what’s necessary to uphold basic policing policy such has continual patrolling of communities, community engagement for transparency, this is the beginning of safer communities.

Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? If so, when.

No I have never filed for bankruptcy.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime, in Texas or another state? If so, what crime and when.

My past criminal conviction I’ve already went on record with the Fort Worth Report.

You can find other candidates’ responses by reading our voter guide here. The candidate’s responses may be edited for grammar.

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