Election Day is May 6 and the Fort Worth Report is committed to keeping you informed through our Election Central. 

To help voters make informed decisions at the ballot box, we asked every candidate to respond to a candidate questionnaire intended to touch on the most pressing issues candidates may face while serving in elected office. 

The candidate’s responses may be edited for grammar. 

District 7 includes parts of central and northeast Fort Worth. To find out what district you live in, input your address here

Municipal elections are coming up. Here are some key dates:

April 24: Early voting begins 
May 2: Early voting ends 
May 6: Election Day    

Candidate survey 

Macy Hill, candidate for District 7 (Courtesy: Macy Hill Campaign)

Name: Macy Hill

Age: 42

Occupation: President, Tailwind Philanthropic Advisors

What are your qualifications to serve on Fort Worth’s City Council?

I am well prepared to fight for District 7 at City Hall. I have exhibited grit, energy, and a willingness to work hard throughout my life. As a young girl, I stocked shelves in my grandfather’s grocery store through high school. I went on to TCU, earning my Bachelor, MLA, and MBA degrees. Professionally, I serve as president of a foundation management company, working with foundations to invest their funds in nonprofit organizations making the largest impact in our community. The majority of my professional career has been focused on giving back to the Fort Worth community and serving others. This includes private-public solutions addressing local community needs including early education, support of our local hospitals, & solutions for the local homeless community.

I have also been very active in my neighborhood association including a joint effort last year with neighbors working with the Fort Worth Police Department in successfully shutting down a local crime house.

State and local community boards I have served on include being a Governor’s Appointee on the Texas Social Workers Examination Board, TCU Addran Board of Visitors, North Texas Salvation Army Advisory Board, the Healing Shepherd Clinic, The Cowtown Marathon, and Young Men’s Service League.

What are your top two priorities if elected to City Council? Describe briefly how you would approach these priorities.

Ensuring proper infrastructure to support our existing and newer neighborhoods and neighborhood quality of life, including public safety and traffic mobility. This will require prioritizing existing neighborhood needs first, then not allowing rezoning for new growth when existing infrastructure is insufficient. Additionally, we should not allow new growth which adversely impacts existing neighborhood quality of life.

How would you characterize the performance of city management over the past five years?

I have not had the occasion to work directly with our city management. This said, the challenges facing Fort Worth are in front of us. If elected, I will strive to see a plan of action from city management that is both results-oriented and responsive to citizen input / council direction.

What is the single biggest issue your particular district faces?

Our main challenges are those of stewardship— ensuring proper city services and infrastructure in our existing neighborhoods while also making sure our City’s explosive growth doesn’t outpace the infrastructure required for new growth. These concerns include ensuring appropriate streets, sidewalks, parks, water, prompt police, fire and emergency medical response times, reduction of our city’s property tax rate, and other all such concerns which impact our existing and new neighborhood, community and city quality of life as well as our city’s local economic well-being.

How will you balance the concerns of your district vs. the city as a whole?

I feel they are one and the same. We need to put the needs of existing neighborhoods (old and new) first.

How can city leadership work to ensure all Fort Worth residents have equal access to city services regardless of race, ethnicity, gender and income?

City council needs to work together to ensure that every neighborhood has proper city services and infrastructure regardless of race, ethnicity, gender and/or income.

Fort Worth’s annual general budget is currently around $915 million; do you feel this budget is appropriate, too large, or too small? If too large or too small, briefly describe how you would propose amending the budget.

We must run the City like you run a home or business. In other words, we must live within our means and make sure that we are budgeting and prioritizing essential city services.

In 2023 the city will levy a tax rate of $0.7125 per $100 of assessed evaluation. If you would advocate for decreasing/increasing the tax rate what would you cut/add?

I will advocate for cutting the tax rate and reduce spending while prioritizing essential city services.

As Fort Worth grows, how can the city ensure it keeps up with the pace of development?

There needs to be a balance between development and protecting the integrity of our existing neighborhoods (old and new). By making certain that we have proper city services and infrastructure in our existing neighborhoods, we can ensure our city’s explosive growth does not outpace the infrastructure required to support that growth.

In the last year, the city council has limited opportunities for public comment and changed meeting schedules. How would you approach community engagement as a council member?

I support the current format which does allow for public comment. I feel that it is important to be meeting with constituents and neighborhood leaders apart from City Hall.

What role does the City Council have in policing? Please describe how city council members should work to ensure the safety of their constituents.

Our city council and Police Chief must be accountable and transparent in their management of the police department in how they respond whenever there is misconduct. In this regard, immediate past Chief Ed Kraus and current Chief Neal Noakes have instilled public trust, accountability, and transparency. I support maintaining the city council/police chief system of managing our police department.

Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? If so, when.


Have you ever been convicted of a crime, in Texas or another state? If so, what crime and when.


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