Editor's note: This podcast is produced by Innovate Fort Worth, a service of the UNT Health Science Center's Innovation Ecosystems. Cameron Cushman, assistant vice president of the Innovation Ecosystems, hosts the podcast. He also is member of the reader advisory council of the Fort Worth Report.


When it comes to testing an idea and taking it to market in 30 days, Charlie Lass is the entrepreneur leading the charge. He is the CEO of Dallas.Inc and Fort Worth.Inc, companies that guide entrepreneurs finding product-market fit. Recently he launched Humble.Inc, a platform designed to support the mental health of entrepreneurs by creating a space of transparency and community. Hear how he uses his past entrepreneurial experience to make change, why Fort Worth is primed for disruption, and how he was once nominated for a BAFTA.

To learn more about Dallas.Inc, visit their website at https://www.dallas.inc/

To learn more about Humble.Inc, visit their website at https://www.humble.inc/

To learn more about HSC Next, visit https://www.hscnext.com/

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