To address increasing demands on students’ time, The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth College of Pharmacy recently created a FlexPharmD program, offering Doctor of Pharmacy students greater flexibility, accessibility and affordability.

The adjustment to curriculum delivery will begin in fall 2024 for the Class of 2028 and is one of a kind among Texas Doctor of Pharmacy programs.

The FlexPharmD program will include a combination of online and in-person courses during the first three years of the program. Some courses will be exclusively online for students to complete on their own time, while the remaining classes, lab activities and exams will be on campus in Fort Worth. With limited days on campus, students can expect to reduce travel time, save on transportation and living costs, and experience greater work-life balance.

“Our innovative and robust curriculum will not change, only the way it is delivered,” said Dr. Suresh Madhavan, dean and professor of the College of Pharmacy. “We are committed to providing the same level of academic rigor and clinical practice readiness as we always have with a continued focus on student success.”

With innovative teaching methods already in place, the program will continue to provide essential in-person instruction and interaction with faculty to cultivate the skills that matter most, setting the stage for a successful pharmacy education journey.

“With the added convenience of online learning and fewer in-person days, this program is designed to empower students’ educational journeys while accommodating their busy lifestyles,” said HSC Provost Charles Taylor, PharmD. “I’m excited this will be the first of its kind in Texas for pharmacy education.”

HSC PharmD students benefit from intensive hands-on experiences, personalized mentorship and cutting-edge research opportunities. The curriculum is customizable to align with students’ career goals and is supported by academic navigators, microcredentials, online certificate programs, online master’s degrees and dual degree options. The College of Pharmacy offers seamless networking and professional development through 25 student organizations and connections with professionals and employers. 

The fourth and final year of the PharmD program will not change. Pharmacy students will complete six-week clinical rotations, providing immersive patient care experiences under a pharmacist’s supervision.

In July, the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education granted HSC’s College of Pharmacy the maximum accreditation term of eight years, extending accreditation through June 2031. The college has graduated seven cohorts with more than 600 alumni since its founding. In October, the college will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its first cohort.

About HSC

The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth is located in the heart of the Fort Worth Cultural District. HSC trains the health care providers, public health workforce and scientists of the future in an interprofessional ecosystem. In HSC’s six schools, students learn to work in teams and to develop an innovative mindset that prepares them for a rapidly changing health landscape. HSC Health, the clinical enterprise of the Health Science Center, provides patient-centered care to people across Tarrant County. HSC’s research enterprise provides a foundation to expand the frontiers of scientific discovery to improve health and well-being.

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