By Rachael Houston

Like many young professionals, I completed graduate school last year and was excited to embark on my career journey. After years of schooling, the opportunity to work my dream job had finally arrived, bringing me to the heart of Texas at the wonderful Texas Christian University. 

Initially, my husband, our twin 1-year-old boys and I resided in an apartment complex close to campus. While it was convenient for commuting, we aspired to establish deeper roots in Texas, especially with our young children. Our goal was to find a house within a lively community, surrounded by parks, shops, excellent schools and wonderful people. 

As we conducted our home search this past spring, one location stood out: the captivating town of Colleyville.

We found our first home in a cozy neighborhood just across the street from Bransford Elementary School. What truly drew us to this special house was the allure of Colleyville’s wonderful park system, its charming city hall and the cute downtown right behind us. 

These summer months spent at home have allowed me to load my boys into our wagon and fully embrace all that Colleyville has to offer. With snacks, toys and plenty of water, we set off on our adventures throughout Colleyville. 

We eagerly explored the playground, fondly known as “Kidsville,” where my kids’ laughter and playfulness create connections with other parents and caregivers. These conversations have become the foundation of my community-building here.

From the playground, we can watch people engaging in friendly matches of tennis, volleyball, basketball and baseball, all while enjoying a wonderful time. After our park excursions, we take a stroll to Colleyville’s splendid public library, jam-packed with numerous summer activities. Its entire upper floor is dedicated to children, making our weekly visits a delight as we pick out new books and enjoy the play area. 

The library is conveniently close to Colleyville’s downtown area, where we wander the streets exploring the latest local businesses such as the inviting Temple Coffee & Eatery or, of course, our beloved staple — Chick-fil-A. The abundance of adventures we can experience within walking distance from our home truly makes every day feel like an exciting journey. 

In addition to our wonderful walks, we’ve grown fond of some cherished establishments in Colleyville. 

On scorching summer days, our family loves visiting McPherson Park, where the vibrant splash pad area is a hit. During summer evenings, you can find us honing our baseball skills at Bob Moore’s Sports Center, where the batting cages are both cost-effective and accessible. 

Palio’s Pizza has captured our hearts, not just for its delectable pizza, but also for its warm reception of our boys —employees even provide pizza dough for the little ones to play with as we eagerly await our meal. Similarly, Anna’s Mexican Grill has become a beloved staple, offering exceptional customer service, top-notch cuisine and genuine consideration for two parents navigating a meal out with energetic 1-year-old twins.

Colleyville isn’t merely a town you breeze through in your car; it’s a place where you’re compelled to step out, explore and truly experience its charms. It exudes peace, boasts quaint charm and radiates a strong sense of community. 

Here, everyone knows their neighbor, fostering a welcoming atmosphere that’s second to none. 

I eagerly anticipate many more years spent with my family, establishing our roots in Colleyville and continuing to relish all the incredible experiences this remarkable city has in store for us. 

Rachael Houston is an assistant professor of political science at Texas Christian University. She and her husband, Stephen Earnest, moved to Colleyville in May to find a family friendly neighborhood for their twin one year old boys, Nolan and Nathaniel.

Bransford Elementary School area

Total population: 1,833
Male: 56% | Female: 44%

0-9: 11%
10-19: 23%
20-29: 6%
30-39: 3%
40-49: 25%
50-59: 16%
60-69: 9%
70-79: 2%
80 and older: 4%

No degree: 0%
High school: 7%
Some college: 51%
Bachelor’s degree: 27%
Post-graduate: 15%

White: 94% | Hispanic: 6%

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