The photo is of the remains of rolling stock and chassis to a North Main Line streetcar operated by NTT and its owners Stone & Webster and Texas Electric Company. The Streetcar system ceased operation in 1937 cutting the legs and life off in the city. As an homage to its past importance to this City, and also a reminder of its future the question we must ask is why did Txu leave nothing Except the Streecar chassis and the car inside the building for 84 years??
My friends its imperative to insist on the factual history of Ft Worth being told. It is a Love story to be rekindled about how corporations and communities were integral to each others success.
Talk to any senior and they have stories of when their parents or grandparents rode the streetcar everywhere or the Interurban to Dallas and Cleburn.
I have discovered too much to keep quiet about this. Smart City Texas has found the future of Panther City and this metroplex in the past . … And along with the Powerhouse on Panther Island it was first built by the Northern Texas Traction Company long ago… 1927- 84 miles of track inside Ft Worth
8.8 Million miles the streetcar traveled that year. More than 25 million passenger trips.
( data can be found in the library of Ft Worth digital archives under Northern Texas Traction streetcar / Coffin Medal winner 1927)