The roots of the American burger extend into multiple cities and countries, and the version we know today has only been around for about a century. 

Historically, beef has been enjoyed in many ways, from raw to cooked cuts and stews. Russian chefs had been preparing the dish we know as steak tartare for many years when trade between the port city of Hamburg, Germany, developed with the Russian cities flanking the Baltic Sea.The dish was simple, serving raw ground beef with chopped onion and raw egg. 

Later, when German immigrants began migrating to North America, they brought their traditional methods of food preparation and recipes. Their version of steak tartare, prepared with the highest quality beef, was described as being slightly smokey, lightly salted and mixed with breadcrumbs. 

In 1867, when raw, minced beef was gaining in popularity for its ease in preparation — and a belief it aided in digestion — a New York physician and early researcher of germs, Dr. James Salisbury, began promoting the idea that cooking beef was as healthy as eating it raw. The beloved Salisbury steak was born.

But it was the Hamburg steak, a cooked beef patty with German origins, that became the progenitor of the American burger. 

The name of the first person to have sandwiched cooked ground beef between bread – and later buns – remains a mystery, but many sources assert different conclusions about the hamburger’s creator. 

What is certain is that, whatever its origin story, the creation’s appeal holds fast. Adaptability may be part of the sandwich’s longevity. Today’s burger boasts endless variations using numerous tasty accoutrements to enhance the flavors. 

Cheese is perhaps one of the most popular ways to top this iconic American meal. And hereabouts, there are plenty of options beyond the standard golden-yellow square sliced American cheeses. If your tastebuds desire something more adventurous, we suggest these local cheeseburgers to celebrate this tasty holiday – National Cheeseburger Day:

Dish with Deah

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Le Margot, the new Fort Worth bistro, offers a menu curated by Chef Felipe Armenta and Michelin Star Chef Graham Elliot featuring a range of dishes that reflect the diversity of French cuisine while incorporating local and seasonal ingredients. Their interpretation of a cheeseburger includes the Le Royale (Royale With Cheese) — a reference that Pulp Fiction fans may recognize as a nod to the 1994 film classic’s conversation between two hitmen about a quarter pounder with cheese. This indulgent burger yields eight ounces of prime beef, with onion marmalade enrobed in a rich blanket of béchamel with melted Brie and Parmesan cheeses. 

Tommy’s Hamburger Grill has celebrated 40 years in the business with three different locations serving Tarrant County diners with exciting spins on classic cheeseburgers, including Bacon and Brie, the Blue Angel Burger and the legendary Green Chile Goat Cheese Burger. And if you’re looking for a vegetarian-friendly option, Tommy’s has garnered top votes for its veggie burger, too — add the cheese of your choice to that one, too. 

We’ve sourced a small list of participating national burger chains celebrating National Cheeseburger Day:

Applebee’s is offering its fans a “classic burger deal,” which includes one of its three Classic Handcrafted Burgers paired with Classic Fries for $8.99. For one day only, guests can dine-in or order the deal online at or the Applebee’s mobile app.

Burger King
Spend a dollar on the app or website and get a free Cheeseburger. You’ll have to be a Royal Perks member, though. 

Dairy Queen
Take $1 off any of its Signature Stackburgers when you use the DQ app. The offer does not include any of the Stackburger combo meals.

McDonald’s is celebrating the national event with a 50-cent double cheeseburger that can only be retrieved through the McDonald’s app. The deal will be available on Saturday, Sept. 18. New MyMcDonald’s Rewards members will earn 1,500 bonus points when they make their first purchase using the app — use them toward future cheeseburger purchases or other menu items.

Red Robin

Red Robin is providing a “BOGO 50% off” discount on cheeseburgers purchased by its Royalty rewards members. New and existing Royalty members who signed up before Sept. 13, can apply the halfoff deal toward their second cheeseburger purchase until Sept. 19. The discount is valid once per day and can be used on any cheeseburger Red Robin sells, including the chain’s popular Scorpion Gourmet Burger, Bacon Cheeseburger and the Southern Charm Burger.

A cheeseburger at Smashburger. (Courtesy photo | Smashburger)


Get a Double Classic Smash for $5 all day Sept. 18 at participating locations.

National Cheeseburger Day seems the best day to try the chain’s newest creation, the Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger. Wendy’s claims it’s the cheesiest, crunchiest burger it’s ever made. 

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