FORT WORTH, TEXAS (September 19, 2023) – Goodwill North Central Texas invites learners of all ages to go back to school this fall to earn their GED. Texas Governor Greg Abbot has proclaimed September 18-23, 2023, as Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, highlighting the benefit of adult education programs like Goodwill’s A 2 (Advancement and Achievement) and E 2 (Education and Employment) programs.
Goodwill NCT has partnered with Tarrant County’s Adult Education and Literacy Consortium to offer two programs for students who are out of school and facing barriers to earning their GED. E 2 targets at-risk youth and young adults aged 16-24 and includes a paid work component funded by Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County. This approach enables participants to enhance their education in a classroom setting, while acquiring real-world skills and income while breaking down barriers for those who may have left traditional high school to earn money for their families.
“Too often, the pursuit of education and the responsibility of providing for one’s family become competing priorities,” said Romney Guy, Vice President of Workforce Development for Goodwill North Central Texas.
“Our goal is to bridge the gap between dreams and responsibilities, ensuring that no one has to choose between their family’s well-being and their own future.”
A 2 offers adults 25 and older the opportunity to finish their degree. Participants also have the option to engage in a paid work experience program that runs concurrently with GED preparation, helping them earn income while advancing their education. A 2 students who need additional flexibility have the option to complete their coursework virtually while still receiving one-on-one mentorship through the program.
Participants in both programs receive GED preparation courses taught by state-certified instructors which cover key subjects and provide a solid foundation for the GED exams, as well as life and job readiness courses that equip them with essential skills for personal and professional success. Individualized mentoring and coaching help participants navigate challenges, set goals, and make informed decisions about their education and career paths. All graduates are then transitioned to Goodwill’s job placement services team to either find a career or enter post-secondary education.

“Life’s twists and turns can present formidable challenges, causing individuals to step off the traditional educational path. Whether it’s unexpected life events, personal circumstances, or simply taking a different route, the reasons for leaving high school are as diverse as the people themselves,” said Guy. “Goodwill’s programs offer a welcoming space for individuals to rewrite their educational journey. We embrace every story and provide the tools and support needed to turn new pages towards a brighter future.”
Goodwill North Central Texas is committed to removing every barrier that stands in the way of students’ success. To assist in overcoming these hurdles, Goodwill was authorized as a Pearson VUE test center so students could take their GED tests quickly and conveniently.
“By eliminating transportation challenges and creating a supportive and familiar environment, we hope to ensure that no one is held back from achieving their educational goals due to logistical hurdles,” said Guy.
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About Goodwill North Central Texas
Goodwill is more than a thrift store. The largest employer of people with disabilities in the world, Goodwill
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Goodwill North Central Texas is based in Fort Worth and serves 18 counties in the region. The nonprofit’s
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