Early voting for the Nov. 7 election starts Oct. 23. Here’s what you need to know.

What am I voting on?

Texas residents will have the chance to vote on 14 constitutional amendments Nov. 7. In simple terms, you’ll be deciding if the Texas Constitution needs adjustments to better serve Texans. 

The amendments cover a wide range of issues, including property taxes, broadband and the right to farm. You can find more information on our Election Central page.

Not all of the amendments pertain to Tarrant County; Proposition 11 and Proposition 12 deal with El Paso County and Galveston County, specifically. A quirk in the Texas Constitution allows you to have a say in those issues, too.

Where and when can I vote? 

Tarrant County residents can vote at any of the 44 polling places across the county. See the full list here.

Early voting runs from Oct. 23 to Nov. 3. Election Day is Nov. 7. 

Don’t be surprised if there’s little to no wait; this is an off-cycle year, meaning there aren’t any big ticket contests on the ballot. Historically, off-cycle years result in lower voter turnout. 

What do I need to bring?

Voters have to provide a form of photo identification at the polls. Forms of ID can be expired by up to four years. Acceptable forms of identification are: 

  • Texas driver license 
  • Texas election identification certificate
  • Texas personal identification card 
  • Texas gun license
  • United States military identification card with a photograph
  • United States citizenship certificate with a photograph
  • United States passport (book or card) 

If you don’t have one of these IDs when you arrive, you can fill out a form declaring why you couldn’t obtain photo identification and bring a supporting form of ID. These include a government document that includes your name and an address such as a voter registration certificate, or a utility bill, a bank statement or a paycheck. 

For more information on the Nov. 7 election, visit the Tarrant County Elections website. And if you’re the selfie type, send us a pic of you with your ‘I Voted’ sticker using this photo submission form — you could be featured in a round-up of readers hitting the polls. 

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