Amplify 817

Amplify 817 recently added a number of new artists to its eclectic collection of Fort Worth-based music. The new additions, available to stream for free on, include The Troumatics, Bubba Bellin, Housekeys, FTdub, the matthew show, Keegan McInroe, Derica, TRVR? and Kevin Tyrone.

Amplify 817’s collection currently features 98 artists covering a range of genres, including rock, pop, rap, country, electronic, R&B, indie, metal, folk and jazz.

Twice a year, Amplify 817 invites Fort Worth-based musical artists to submit their music for a chance to get paid to feature their music in its collection for three years. After being reviewed and selected by a juried panel, each artist receives a $300 honorarium for a three-year license.

The next open call for artist submissions will be in January 2024.

“The Fort Worth Music scene continues to grow and there is so much talent to highlight,” said Rita Alfaro, music librarian at Amplify 817. “We’re happy to be able to uplift and support the work of this amazing community by paying artists to feature their music in our collection.”

In addition to paying artists up front, Amplify 817 considers its artists for future performances and offers a variety of developmental opportunities to advance their careers.

About Amplify 817

Amplify 817 is a commercial-free music streaming platform managed by the Fort Worth Public Library that exclusively features Fort Worth, Texas artists. The Library hosts two curated rounds of submissions annually to choose artists who represent the diverse musical sounds of Fort Worth.

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