Kubryna Pree, a humanities and reading teacher at Rocketship Explore Elementary, is a shining star of academic excellence, according to her colleagues.

In less that two months, she has transformed a new classroom of students at a brand new school to an exemplar example of positive school culture, differentiated instruction and student discourse.

Rocketship Explore Elementary, 300 E Loop 820 in Fort Worth, opened its doors to serve our community on Aug. 7, 2023.

Pree, a founding faculty parent, has become a model classroom for Amplify Texas curriculum.

Her first grade skills block uses research-based strategies to guide students to orally blend and segment, identify letter patterns in words such as digraphs and diphthongs, and practice using those decoding skills in short stories. Students are active and eager to learn more.

“We are proud to have opened a new school, but even more proud to have passionate teachers like Mrs. Kubyrna Pree,” Britni Cumby, assistant principal, said.

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