Lee Harvey Oswald, who was charged with assassinating President John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963, is buried at the Shannon Rose Hill Chapel & Cemetery in Fort Worth. Oswald lived in Fort Worth during his childhood and for a portion of his adult life.

Oswald’s original tombstone was stolen from his Fort Worth grave in 1967. His mother replaced that tombstone with a small granite slab that reads, “OSWALD.” The stolen tombstone was later recovered, but Oswald’s mother did not put it back on the grave. After her death, she was buried next to Oswald.

Next to Oswald’s slab, another innocuous marker is engraved with the words “NICK BEEF.” That plot was bought by a comedian known by that name in 1975. The comedian is not actually buried beside Oswald — he set the slab at the site in 1997. 

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