Our Mission

We pledge to produce high-quality objective local journalism that informs public decision-making, addresses the quality of life of our community’s citizens, holds our policymakers accountable and tells our readers’ stories by listening to them and making sure they are valued and understood. In all that we do, earning the trust and respect of our audience is paramount. Our reporting will be free to all who access our primary digital channels.

Fort Worth Report Vision Statement

The Fort Worth Report is committed to making Fort Worth and Tarrant County better through reliable local news reporting and information. (Adopted by the Board of Directors, Summer 2020)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where We Are – Updated April 12, 2021


  • Officially launched its website on April 12, 2021
  • In March 2021, hired Managing Editor Thomas R. Martinez and reporters Jessica Priest, Neetish Basnet and Jacob Sanchez to fill out the newsroom.
  • Hired Patricia Rodriguez Terrell as its Chief Development Officer.
  • After a national search, hired Chris Cobler, award-winning former publisher and editor of The Victoria Advocate for a Feb. 1, 2021, start.
  • Accepted for membership in the Institute for Nonprofit News, a national support organization that represents 300 such local news enterprises around the nation.
  • Made the first public announcement of the creation of Fort Worth Report, with details about its founding Board of Directors, its CEO and its operational plans.
  • Began recruitment of a diverse news staff, including a managing editor, with a target of spring 2021 for the launch of content on Fort Worth Report’s digital news site and via newsletters.


  • Organized a committed Board of Directors, which held bi-weekly virtual board meetings beginning summer of 2020.
  • Developed a mission statement, a vision statement and a business plan, including a preliminary description of products and a budget toward sustainability, depending on initial commitment of major local funding. 
  • Received approval of a seed grant from the Burnett Foundation to underwrite launch of a local independent nonprofit news organization that would underwrite a two-year business plan for an early 2021 launch.
  • Followed and scrutinized developments in the emerging field of local nonprofit news media, including interviews with viable organizations’ leadership. 
  • Created a job description for the Publisher/CEO who will be the driver for launch of Fort Worth Report and began outreach to potential candidates with national posting of the position.
  • Negotiated a contract with News Revenue Hub for third-party technical support, training, analytics, licenses, record keeping, membership programming and other services
  • Signed a contract with Spirited Media for its Newspack WordPress content management system.


  • Commissioned research with News Revenue Hub, a leading national consulting firm for news nonprofits, that affirmed the need and the appetite for a local news source that will meet unfulfilled expectations of Fort Worth news consumers.
  • Secured IRS 501c3 status for Fort Worth Report, filed incorporation papers with the State of Texas and purchased some of the relevant domains for the organization’s digital news products.