We report the news that impacts your life.  Whether it’s investigating a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing, our watchdog journalism aims to uncover truth and seek solutions. We also aim to tell you the untold stories of the people in Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

Building Our Net Worth

Fort Worth City Hall

For the first time in 12 years, Fort Worth is electing a new mayor. From major policy to council interaction, how will the voters’ decisions impact Fort Worth’s future?

Tarrant Regional Water District

The Tarrant Regional Water District and leaders like Congresswoman Kay Granger promise to get federal funding for a flood control project that they say will yield economic benefits. But some residents are skeptical as time drags on. With new leadership at the water district, the Fort Worth Report seeks to educate, engage and empower our readers about the water district’s inner workings, this project, why they matter and how they can be improved.

Where I Live

Fort Worth Water Gardens fountains 2

Fort Worth and Tarrant County are dynamic, fun, hip and culturally diverse places to live. Why not celebrate that? “Where I Live,” a new and regular series, will explore the neighborhoods of Fort Worth and Tarrant County with interesting stories straight from the people who live there.

Profiles in Leadership

Profiles in Leadership is a chance to look at the next movers and shakers of Fort Worth. The series explores what happens when we expand who is considered a leader, how the city will grow without the “Old Guard” in charge, and how some already have stepped up to make changes in the city.