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Here’s your chance to have dinner on us. Each month, we will host a monthly photo contest with the winning prize being a gift certificate to an area restaurant. To submit your photos, go here. To vote on photos, click the like button. It’s that simple.


Tricky Fish

This month: tell us what you are most thankful for. These photos can be holiday-related, family-related, fall-related or just about anything you are thankful for. To submit your photos, go here. And don’t forget to come back and vote for your favorite photo by clicking the like button. The winner of this month’s photo contest will receive a $50 gift card for Tricky Fish. And, as an added bonus, the owners will award a $25 gift card to the second-place winner. The entry deadline is Dec. 2.

What are you thankful for?

My belly & heart was filled!!! 🥰

I have stage 4 lung cancer & was so happy to be well enough to fly to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving this year to visit some of my grandchildren & GREAT grandchildren & all 4 of my daughters! Its not been often enough that I get to see most of them. My belly & my heart…

Arts Fort Worth Ofrenda by Raymundo Hernandez

My mother's family is from Cuba, so Día de los Muertos wasn't a part of my childhood, but I've loved how the tradition has reframed my relationship with lost loved ones as an adult. Arts Fort Worth and Artes de la Rosa produced an awesome exhibition of work by local LatinX artists featuring a stunning…


This photo speaks so much to me! The grateful feeling of health and standing solid on your own two feet; the natural beauty of a Fort Worth fall season; the friendship and love of husband and wife after 45 years of marriage; being thankful for the experience of being alive!


Thankful that our family was able to soak in some sun in Palm Springs at a family member’s wedding. Grateful for family and the beautiful backdrop!

What I am thankful for

We rescued Andy from the shelter this spring and we are thankful every day for this sweet boy!

Thankfully for everything I have

My toddler, Salwa, with her favorite doll is singing “rain rain go away come again another day Salwa wants to play rain rain go a way!


Thankful for the beauty after a storm.


Grandaughter and I visited Botanical Gardens November 19th and snapped this beautiful scene

Thankful for husband Ed Kasper

Thankful for 58 years of wonderful marriage to Ed Kasper, God giving us a son and daughter, and now 6 fabulous grandchildren!

What I am thankful for.

I have much to be thankful for: family, friends, comfort, a roof over our heads, health. Today, however, I want to say how thankful I am for something that has made me appreciate those blessings even more: travel. I am so thankful that at this stage of my life, my husband and I have been…

Thanksgiving in Texas

LOTS of great food and everyone wearing their Cowboys jersey means you’re having Thanksgiving in Texas.

Music at the Waterfall

Bill and I walk the trail everyday and this piano was down in the dry river bed next to the waterfall at the NAS Airfield trail. What a unique picture for someone who was probably doing bridal pictures but it inspired me to think outside the box daily and see the wonder in every day

Dancers at the Fort Worth Water Gardens

Featuring a local collaboration or Fort Worth artists, small business Aurora Skirts, dancers of Texas Ballet Theater, and resin artist Claire Glavin.


After the time falling back this sunrise makes you feel that fall is here.

Fall Storm

Taken while waiting in the carline picking up my son from school. We were trying to race the storms back home at this point. They blew right past us but sadly not all areas of Texas were spared.

Locking Horns in Fort Worth Stock Yards

Taken November 5th at the Stock Yards in Fort Worth, I'm new to the area and am very thankful for the community and attitude about life in Texas. Each state chooses their attitude towards how they do business and treat their people. The Fort Worth Stock Yards area is a good example on how Texas,…

My wife

I am thankful for my beautiful wife, she is my everything and I am nothing without her.

Friends at Thanksgiving

I’ve always loved this photo showing that we can all put aside our differences for one day and perhaps that one day can begin something special. Happy Thanksgiving!

October photo contest (closed): Halloween

Halloween Fun

Max the Lion and i ready to face all the goblins and ghosts on a spooky haunted evening of sheer thrill

Long live the Queen

Lulu Chittum pays homage to the Queen with help from neighbors Pancho and Lily.

September PHOTO CONTEST (CLOSED): Beautiful birds