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Here’s your chance to have dinner on us. Each month, we will host a monthly photo contest with the winning prize being a gift certificate to an area restaurant. To submit your photos, go here. To vote on photos, click the like button. It’s that simple.


This month: It’s March, so spring is on the way! Send us your best photos of wildflowers, as they’re coming up this year or the best of years’ past. To submit your photos, go here. And don’t forget to come back and vote for your favorite photo by clicking the like button. This month’s winner will receive a gift card to Lili’s Bistro. The entry deadline is March 31.

Bloom where you are planted Wild flowers

Seeing the little wild flowers seek a home in a small crevice of the large rock brought a smile to my face as a reminder that it is not where you are placed in life, but how you respond to your environment. These little wild flowers add beauty and inspiration by thriving where they landed.

Where Does The Pollen Go?

Just ask Mr. Butterfly. This photo was taken in the lavish courtyard of a condo I rented in Roatan, Honduras. The flowers were stunning, but the sand fleas . . . not so much. My 5-week stay in my favorite place on Earth was cut short by several weeks because of those nasty little buggers.…

Green Light GO!

I came across this gorgeous plant/flower/bush while trekking solo through Big Sur, CA in September of 2018. It's beautiful and vibrant! It brings back great memories of my 'Midlife Awakening Tour'.

Pink Yucca Blooms

Our front bed contains all native plantings such as Yucca and Texss Sage. We then use some annuals to provide an additional "pop" of color.

Pink Delight

This rose bush produces deep pink roses, but we've noticed a few red ones at the bottom of the bush. We thought it was a goner from February's freeze, but after a good pruning, it's back to its loveliness.

Don’t forget to look down sometimes

I have lived in Fort Worth my whole life, I never get tired of the Texas Bluebonnets 💙. This picture was taken by Lake Whitney when I took 6 teenagers camping for Spring Break. I took several pictures, the bluebonnets were just popping up. I like looking down at them and seeing the star pattern.…


This headstone was set off the side of the road near highway 281 close to Marble Falls.

My Rescue, Beckett & his First Bluebonnet!

Beckett, the Wonder Dog was unlike any other dog I’d ever had. He stopped and smelled the flowers, did not ‘go’ on them. We were on a walk when he saw the Bluebonnets, then we came to a bench and he refused to go past it , looking back & forth from me to the…

Well fed!

Luckily, there were a few flowers left on this penta to get this fun shot of a very happy worm!


One in what must have been 20 photos cheered me with his smile!

Widgit in the wild

Our adorable little rescue dog Widgit went with us on a road trip through the Texas Hill Country.

Amy & Prince

Found the most beautiful patch of Bluebonnet on the way to visit my grandmother in Athens. Awesome picture of my beautiful wife and our fur baby!

Field of Firewheels

This picture of our first Golden Retriever, Jake, was taken in the middle of our back property about twelve years ago. We had record numbers of all kinds and colors of wildflowers that year but the numbers of fire wheels were over the top!

Springtime Flower

One of my favorite places in the entire world is the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. I go there as often as I can to try to get photos of the beautiful flowers there. I captured this photo there this time last year.

Pretty in Pink

Bluebonnets are the Texas star but I decided on this field of primrose from 2019. It was right here in town on an empty couple of acres where Arlington & Mansfield come together. Look around in places you wouldn't expect such beauty, it is all around us. Have a beautiful spring y'all!

Sun Flower of Benbrook

The photo was taken at the Ventana housing development which is nestled among rolling hills just west of Benbrook. Many different types of wild flowers grow on vacant lots where houses have not yet been built. This southwest corner of the metroplex not only contains beautiful wild flowers but fantastic sunsets to boot.

Paired Perfection

I took this photo several years ago during the early spring. I love the pink flower pair and the beautiful curls.


This is a picture I took of a wild sunflower a couple of years ago. I love sunflowers! They bring a smile to my face. 😊

Happy Sunflower

A few sunflowers popped up in the garden behind my home. These had fallen from the wild bird feeders. I think they beautifully added a bit of color to the garden.

Busy Bee

This is a thornless blackberry I grew from about 12” high so this may not be right for this contest. This bee was loving the pollen from these delicate flowers. The bush was in my backyard and it grew to be about 10’ tall and 9’ wide. It produced the best blackberries and many cobblers.

Pleasant surprise

In the field where grass does not grow, this defiant wild lily shows up. What a pleasant surprise, would you agree?


In my backyard with the macro lens

Texas Sunflower Sunset

This spot is just off the Chisholm Trail Parkway and on the right day, a beautiful place to photograph the sunset. On this particular day, the sunflower and barbed-wire fence were in just the right spot.

Crested Butte Field

Taken just outside the town of Crested Butte, Colorado, the contrast of bold colors really struck me. I also have always loved the contradiction of the red outhouse amid all that breathtaking nature.

Mrs Lee’s Daffodil Garden

This picture was taken 2/27/2023 in Gladewater, TX. Mrs Lee’s Daffodil Garden is an amazing landscape of daffodils on rolling acreage. It opens mid-February till mid-March depending on weather conditions.

Barbie and Bluebonnets

This is at Hamilton airport. We landed here because we heard the bluebonnets were incredible last year. We parked on a taxiway and I jumped out to take the picture. The bluebonnets were amazing!


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