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Here’s your chance to have dinner on us. Each month, we will host a monthly photo contest with the winning prize being a gift certificate to an area restaurant. To submit your photos, go here. To vote on photos, click the like button. It’s that simple.


Meow. Everyone loves them, including us here at the Fort Worth Report. Social media crazes have followed them. Of course, we are talking about cute cats. We want your best and most creative photos featuring your cats. To submit your photos, go here. Don’t forget to come back and vote for your favorite photo by clicking the like button. This month’s cute cat winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Don Artemio. The entry deadline is July 8.

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Cute Cats

Biiiiiig Stretch

My superpower is trapping my humans with cuddles just before they have to get up.

Climbing to new heights!

Sonny has supervised playtime outside and loves this tree. Look at me, Mom! Sonny will turn 11 this month.


Snickers loves shoe boxes, sacks and anything she can squeeze into. She's fond of attacking plastic bags too.

Helping with laundry..

She loves to hang out in here when I accidentally leave the door open.

Cute Cats

Who me? I swear I didn’t do it 😽

Cultured Kitty

Darby, a 2 year old kitty adopted from the Benbrook animal shelter loves music! He also loves high places . What could be better than a perch inside of a baby grand? This photo was captured by my creative MIL Donna Johnson at Christmas time in 2020.


20+ years old…such a snuggler and always a gentleman

Cute cats

Title: Another day on the farm.

Cute Cats

Title: Go ahead. Try me.

Cute cats

Title: Who me?

Cute cats

Title: Whatyou talkin' about Willis?

Cute cats

Title: I ❤ U MAMA

Cute cats


Cute cats

Hoth’s closeup

Cute cats

Hoth with his favorite buddy!

Rub my tummy!

Little Bit wants to be the center of attention!

Luden laying about

My beloved cat, Luden, doing what she does best: not a danged thing.


Three boys having lunch with their pets.

Gerry in the basket

Our stray kitty, rescued from the bushes around dumpsters, behind the police station. We love the little heart shaped marking on his nose! … all grown up now and still hiding in the ‘bushes’ it’s taking some time for him to adapt to being an indoor cat.

You smell so cool

Meatball must inspect all new things with intense sniffs.


My lovely but needy baby boy

A Proper Courgette Parasol

Mr. Wiggles sits in his garden. He sits and waits for the sun to come up and the sun to go down. Until the Bluejay swoops in and tells him to go away.


omKITTIEom is a feral rescue from Meowtown. He loves meditation, black cat toys, TV, playing catch, riding in the car. Anything with his owner- a velcro cat!


Jolene is an 11-year-old angel pants and knows exactly how cute she is. Likes: Sleeping, watching tv, cream cheese. Dislikes: Going for car rides.

Cute Cat Photo Contest

Hi! This is our girl, Hela! She is about 2.5 months old. When we adopted her she had a severe eye infection, and now you’d never know! 💙 Anywho, thanks for doing this contest – I can’t wait to see all the cute kitties! 😻 Best, Wren

Getting ready for Christmas with my Cat

This is my beautiful 14 year old cat named Zoe and this was to be her last Christmas with me. She crossed over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully on March 25, 2022. I miss my buddy every day. In her lifetime she was more than just a cat.

Lt. Dan, The Cat Who Can!

Lt. Dan celebrated his third birthday last weekend with a picnic and a photo shoot! Happy Birthday, Dan! We love you!

CAT Scan

Pyewacket loves reading CAT scans with her dad, Dr Stuart Aronson of Radiology Associates of North Texas. Dr Aronson always appreciates getting an expert second opinion.

Strawberry Shortcake

Nina, the poser, enjoys showing off her cuteness at every opportunity.

Bro Down

What's cuter than one cute kitty? YES – two cute kitties! We fostered and adopted these lil guys through a local rescue, and have been the purrrr-fect addition to our family! Adopt don't shop 🙂

Who’s there

Dusty poking his head out of his cat tree as he is still learning about the big scary world.


“My mom just follows me around with her camera all the time. Being this cute is serious business.” – Gus

Neighborhood Watch

Always making sure things stay neighborly in Arlington Heights!

Zen Kitty

Morning meditation to solve the worlds problems! 🙂

Cat Stands Up

Mia watches the dog next door through the window. She is an indoor cat and doesn't really understand what that animal is on the other side of the fence. She likes to stand in her "Meercat pose" anytime she sees birds or other animals in her yard.

Beautiful Gray Tuxie Seeking Handsome Tom Cat

Sweet Pea is a beautiful, sweet and very loving young lady. She is smart and loves to play with toys. Her pose says ‘I am happy. I am relaxed. I am a survivor.’ 😻


She saved me when I adopted during the pandemic.

Business Cat is All Business

This is Moose. He works very hard at making a good first impression. (After he gets the gig he’s all about lounging and demanding wet noms.)

Cute cat !

This is X-Box ♥️ She was a feral cat who we started feeding… She would not come into the house for a very long time. When she finally came in, she hopped on my sons lap who was playing Xbox… That was the only way we could touch her. That's how she got her name!


Pepper looks transcendent and holy in this picture.


Wimberton is a kitten of a local Fort Worth feral cat that had a litter of 6 kittens. He was adopted and now lives with a family in town where he is the constant companion of their son. The mom and the rest of the kittens were adopted by separate families in and around Fort…

Hole in the Wall Gang

This few day old kitten “Jay Jay” was found in the wall of a home in in Waxahachie. The kitten was adopted and now is doing well in a new home in Fort Worth.

Cutest cat photo

Meet Ginger and Sox. Inseparable until Sox died from cancer this past April ‘22. These were the ‘Sweetest Cats’ my husband took this picture of the two snuggling – they made a heart for us to treasure forever.


Sage was adopted from Saving Hope Animal Rescue in August 2021 and has adopted us as his people in a hurry

I worship and adore you

Snuggles has little need for the antics of his brother, but delights in his adoration.

Gig ’em Aggies!

Giblet, a stray kitten who came to our home the week of Thanksgiving, allowed us to pose her at Kyle Field after visiting family in Houston.


Coconut travels to Colorado each summer and helps me entertain friends and their pets. This was shortly after an energetic family of four and their big, gentle brown dog departed after a few days.

I wanted those treats on my desk Monday?!

Tux Behrndt (pictured) waits patiently for his treats to be delivered to his desk at his home in Coppell, Texas. He is a spoiled cat with a great vibe and thoroughly enjoys naps at his desk. Not hardworking, but very cute.

Little Katie Kitty

Katie is a talker – she meows constantly at people, other cats and even other animals.

Scarlett Says, “Hello”!

Scarlett is a 9 month old rescue from the North Texas Humane Society. Her unique coloring and big green eyes make her a beauty on the outside but her sweet personality makes sure you’ll never forget her!

Nap #8 in progress

Cosmo has 2 rowdy cat sisters and naps when he can. He fell asleep on the couch and we tucked him in! Not able to capture this but he usually protests – which sounds like a Marge Simpson grumble – when he is disturbed from a nap (turning the lights on, a gentle pet, etc).

Look into my eyes

Frankie wanting attention during office hours.

Using the treadmill.

Oreo and Joejoe, cookie monsters, take control of exercise equipment.

Ladies Lou

This is Lacie. She is around 13 years old.


May I go to Don Artemio’s also? I’ll behave.

Ironing Day

Delores always wants to supervise on Ironing Day.

Day Drinking

Crab is a polydactyl orange tabby who knows it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

What’s for supper?

Pumpkin is a four year old female rescue cat who can’t resist getting inside any available container. She likes to pose for pictures.

The Boys Together

Ricky, left, and Earl, relaxing in a chair. They are brothers, adopted from the Benbrook shelter.

Expensive Taste

Here, the rescue kitty, The Hemphill Chicken Kitten Cat, displays her annual preference towards the few expensive ornaments in the Christmas tree.

Cute Cats!

Juno loves Tuna so much that she sleeps and sits in a tuna box from Costco every day.


Taking Barbie's car for a ride.


This accidental imagery with my fur ball MAGE and the pattern on the rug made for a seriously cute and freaky photo.



When you’re not looking…

My cat Scout always has a way of getting to my water glass in full stealth mode. On this occasion, he had stuck his head so far down the glass, I just had to capture the moment.


Margot, the cat, chilling in the bathroom sink.


Bevo, my orange cat. She’s a sweet baby…


Hondo Boy…

Who goes there?

Zoe loves mirrors – her favorite hobby is looking into them and pondering her own existence.

Why Are There So Many People Up In Here?

Mocha is a rescue to foster Siamese who’s had a tough life. We think she tangled with a dog at some point based on the scarring on her side. A shy gal, she spent the first three days in her furever home hiding behind the washing machine. She now sings the song of her meezer…


Enjoying the sun in her favorite spot!

Who’s out there?

Elizabeth is always wondering who is walking by the window. This day it was my neighbor’s lawn care service with an early morning start time.

Stuck (out) on you!

Our cat, Ella, looooooves her dad. You can see the hearts in her eyes. Her favorite place to be is in his lap and staring into his eyes.