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By Ron Sturgeon and Linda Allen

Looking out the window, there’s a constant parade of people and their dogs. Not sure if every resident here owns a dog, but Linwood is the biggest dog-loving community we’ve ever seen. And, a place with this many dogs can never be an unhappy place. 

Linwood census breakdown

Total population: 3,124
Male: 1,386
Female: 1,738

White: 2,236 (71.6%)
Hispanic: 489 (15.7%)
Black: 159 (5.1%)
Asian: 202 (6.5%)
Two or more races: 38 (1.2%)

1 to 19 years: 146 (4.6%)
20 to 44 years: 1816 (58.1%)
45 to 64 years: 604 (19.3%)
64 and over: 558 (17.8%)

Less than high school graduate: 31
High school graduate (includes equivalency): 173
Some college or associate’s degree: 307
Associate’s degree: 80
Bachelor’s degree or higher: 2,260

Median earning (population 25 years and over): $69,985

It’s a little silly, but the age point of our fellow neighborhood residents is also a big draw. They’re not 20-somethings, but they’re not all senior citizens either. It’s a nice mix, and it still feels young and vibrant.

The cultural hub of Fort Worth is only a few steps away. Downtown is not far either. The location is very close to the entertainment district, so a lot is happening in the area. However, it’s quiet and as peaceful as it can get, except for construction noises on some days.

Walking the dogs remains one of our favorite past times. Linda likes to jog as well. We have two who provide unconditional love and support – a Cavalier king, a Charles spaniel and just recently we got a miniature Labradoodle puppy. Overloaded with cuteness. And there’s a nice dog park and also a people park. Both parks are equally as energetic and filled with smiles. 

We love Linwood, so much that we decided to build a new home here, in the middle of all the condos. 

In Ron’s professional capacity, he built a business park in North Fort Worth with 150 shipping containers. It inspired us to rethink our next home in Linwood, which is almost done. We’re building a three-story house using a total of six shipping containers. It’s fascinating. 

It’s industrial with exposed metal finishes and includes a nine drive-through car garage spaces and a swimming pool on the third floor. The views from our top deck are just stunning. We can see downtown Fort Worth. In the mornings, we can watch the sunrise over downtown. And in the evenings, we watch the sunset over the western part of the city.

The home is an LG signature home, which emphasizes energy-saving features, like low voltage air conditioning systems and the technology company’s latest signature appliances, including a Sous Vide oven and drawer microwave.

The neighbors at first, we think, were put off when we set the containers on the lot. I think they were concerned about what it was going to look like. To avail their concerns, we put up a coming soon sign board that showed a picture of the home. So they could see that it was going to be quite special. We look forward to meeting more of our neighbors hosting an open house when the home is done in the coming months. It’s been a long two years building it. 

The people are nice here, and it’s a nice size community. We find ourselves at our neighbor who has become a close friend, David Dotson’s place, ever so often. 

And the neighbors are well-connected. And the neighborhood association is well-run. The only issue we have in the neighborhood is not enough parking with the apartments. etc., but our association is actively working to solve any issues. 

Here’s to many more years of living in Linwood.

Ron Sturgeon and Linda Allen are co-authors of the column about their home and neighborhood. To tell the story of where you live, please send your essay to hello@fortworthreport.org and Managing Editor Thomas Martinez at thomas.martinez@fortwortheport.org.

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