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Howdy! And welcome to “The Dish, with Deah,” a new weekly column aimed at satiating a desire for Fort Worthians to nosh on a bit of history, dining trends and cultural foodways with a heaping side of thoughtful context.


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About Deah Berry Mitchell

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Some of you may know me through my bus tour, “Soul of DFW” or perhaps you’ve purchased my cookbook, “Cornbread & Collard Greens: How West African Cuisine and Slavery Influenced Soul Food.” If so, you know what you can expect. And thanks to the vibrant restaurant scene in Fort Worth and surrounding areas you’ll even get a bit more.

Currently I’m enrolled at the University of North Texas pursuing my PhD in history and researching Texas foodways. In a former life (a long, long, long time ago) I was also a culinary instructor. So, in short, you can trust that my reviews will come with insightful and fair commentary and always written from the perspective of being helpful.

That being said, I understand the weight that words have, and the power bad reviews can have on an already fledgling establishments, especially those hit hard during and post-pandemic. Rest assured, my reviews will be honest; however, I have no desire to rip a restaurant to shreds publicly. If I visit an establishment that I don’t particularly enjoy, I will simply choose to not write about it. So, without further ado: Let’s dig in!

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